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I have lived in south Dakota, all of my life. My family is here, my roots are here. While I don't spend alot of time with "family", we always manage to bond together, when times get tough. Gunnar's death is more proof, of that.I also have a huge family of friends, and this "family"also pulls together, in a heart beat,when necessary. My parents live about 70 miles away, my husbands parents live about 7 miles from our house.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Christmas letter

I recieved yesterday, is outstanding. I am going to post a few passages from it......
It comes from a highschool classmate of Gunnar's....Kristen K.
the poem below was written by Kristen, in Jan 2005, upon her being informed of Gunnar's death. She read the poem, durring a speech, in Brookings SD, on Vetrans Day, 11November 2007.
The momorial she speaks of is the Brookings County Veteran's Memorial. The Memorial is shaped like arches.
In Honor of Gunnar

I walked up to this memorial
on a cold January night
a soldier passed away recently
and I know God holds him tight.

I didn't even notice
the cold, the wind, or snow
because I was filled with pain
from this soldier, you may not know.

His name was Gunnar Becker
and he was quite the guy
crazy, wild and funny
made you laugh until you'd cry

He didn't graduate with merit
or make the honor roll
but I sure look up to him
because he paid the ultimate toll

Freedom and democracy
are the gifts we lavishly spend
paid for by the soldiers
who live their lives to the end

Freedom is not free
I'm sure you all have heard
The proof is Gunnar Becker
who has spoken his last word

It is painfully difficult
to even go a day
without thinking about his life
which was quickly swept away

Maybe you would have talked to him more
or even given a hug
Maybe you would have listened more
or showed more love

As I stood before this memorial
right here, that freezing night
I wondered what his last moments were
I bet he put up a fight

It is so hard to have a man die
who is only ninetten years
Dear God please be with Gunnar
and console the earthly tears

As I walked away crying
it meant so much more to me
Because ever KIA soldier
contributes to make us free

Ever soldier is someone's friend
all are daughters and sons
many are only teenagers
matured behind helmets and guns

Please thank the Veterans
maybe shake their hand
Be glad they came back alive
to the American land

But please do not forget
the ones who have sacrificed all
for that is the reason this memorial stands
timeless bold and tall.

Kristen Klinkner


Anonymous said...

When you close your eyes at night Debey, please know that Gunner is not only wrapped in the arms of God, but also with his fellow fallen soldiers, that so selflessly gave their lives to protect our freedom. I feel so much peace knowing that my Father, my hero, is up there with your young son by his side. Your heart will always be with mine.

MaryAnn said...

That's a beautiful tribute to Gunnar, Debey.

May the blessings of Christmas be with you and your family today and every day.


Anonymous said...

Debey -
Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
Your son's commitment and sacrifice is noted and remembered both by those who knew him and some of us who did not.
God bless you and yours,

Paige Turner (a.k.a. JK) said...

Wow! Very well written. Each and every soldier I meet, and each and every mil family member I meet just makes me so proud to be an American!