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I have lived in south Dakota, all of my life. My family is here, my roots are here. While I don't spend alot of time with "family", we always manage to bond together, when times get tough. Gunnar's death is more proof, of that.I also have a huge family of friends, and this "family"also pulls together, in a heart beat,when necessary. My parents live about 70 miles away, my husbands parents live about 7 miles from our house.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


While everyone is in a hurry, doing the last minute prep. for Thanksgiving Day, and making the lists, for "Black Friday" shopping, I hope they pause and actually give some thought, about all the things we have, to be thankful for........above all, I am thankful, to have been born, An American.......

What it means,
To be an American

To believe in the promise
Of a better tomorrow,
And stand united in our efforts
To give a peaceful nation
To our children….

To honor
Each other’s differences,
And cherish the richness of our history,
Even as it continues to unfold
From sea, to shining sea…

To love deeply
Our friends
And Family, day by day,
And never take for granted
The privilege of calling ourselves
Copyrite AGCInc

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