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I have lived in south Dakota, all of my life. My family is here, my roots are here. While I don't spend alot of time with "family", we always manage to bond together, when times get tough. Gunnar's death is more proof, of that.I also have a huge family of friends, and this "family"also pulls together, in a heart beat,when necessary. My parents live about 70 miles away, my husbands parents live about 7 miles from our house.

Saturday, July 02, 2011


From gunnar's mom

Some days, nothing brings more comfort, than wearing one of Gunnar's old shirts. Today, as hard as I try, the above photo stays embedded in my mind! (pic taken July 4, 2004, while Gunnar was home on R & R) Try, as I might, I just can't force myself, to wear this shirt. I hope your "grin" is as big as Gunnar's. (The joke's on Mom!) Pictured below is the back, of this shirt. (click on the pic, to enlarge!)


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